The ‘virus’ of negative thinking. Start to control the inputs.

As the crisis touches us in the complex spheres of life, I’ve decided to send you regularly some short encouragments and tips, which could help some of you in self-development.

We are probably vulerable to more than just the coronavirus. It seems the “virus” of negative thinking can threaten our outlook and leadership. We’re hearing all the time bad news and it’s hard to keep ourselves motivated and motivate others. Right now it’s more critical than ever to control the inputs coming into our minds. Most of the media sources report more than only events themselves. We can find in the most part of them some blamings, arguings, comments, complaints. That negativity dominates also in social media.

Let’s be aware of that what is coming into our mind. It doesn’t have to infect us. We can take what we need and leave the rest like it is with going to restaurants and other daily choices. We can do the same with the media.

We can get news update, then let’s take time to read some good news. We can’t allow to be invaded by pessimism, anger and fear.

We have important work to do!


Magdalena Pliskowska

HR & EB Partner at SolveQ

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