Programmers – myths and stereotypes

“A programmer is sitting in front of the computer. A wife approaches him and gives him coffee. He tries and says: – You know I drink with sugar … – I know … But I wanted to hear your voice … “

There are some stereotypes associated with each professional group, but a a lot of them associated with the IT industry. What are the most popular stereotypes of programmers and how much truth is in it ? 😉

Programmers - myths and stereotypes
Programmers – myths and stereotypes

Programmers are antisocial introverts

This is of course a harmful generalization. This stereotype probably arose from the fact that the developer’s work requires concentration and reflection. On the other hand, however, contact with the client can not be done without advanced communication and interpersonal skills, which the introvert would definitely not be able to cope with.

Any programmer can easily repair a TV or fridge 😉

Do you know this from the autopsy? At family meetings you are regularly asked to repair household appliances? Well because if you work at the computer, you can certainly fix it, and if you can repair the computer, the more you can handle the washing machine.

Every programmer is good at maths

Not every programmer was a top student in mathematics. Good abilities, logical and analytical thinking are more important than good grades.

A programmer is a profession for men

Women are still a decisive minority in the IT industry, however, this is due to the orientation of girls’ education towards humanities. However, the number of women at technical universities is gradually increasing, which also results in a growing number of women in IT.

Developers are not interested in fashion – all they need is checkered shirt 😉

This is probably one of the most popular stereotypes about programmers who are so detached from reality that they do not care about mundane things like clothing. And although this myth is still good, it’s time to put it where the moon does not shine.

Programmer and IT specialist is the same

Not all programmers are IT specialists and not all IT specialists are programmers. Remember this before asking a friend programmer to repair your computer or printer 😉

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