Why is it difficult for us to get back to work after the Christmas break?

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult for us to get back to our duties after the Christmas break? It turns out that everything is to blame for the dysregulation of our daily rhythm of the biological clock. Jetlag is in other words a sleep disorder caused by a sudden change in time zone. It is known to those who often fly long distances. Nowadays, life forces us more and more not to comply with the biological clock and leads to the so-called social jetlag. If you feel a lack of appetite, constant irritation or have problems with concentration, these are just some of the symptoms.

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Fixing broken IT in the company – part 2/3

What to do, what to do? One of your main question is right now: What should I do? What steps should I implement to strengthen by deliveries, trust and team. Who should I look for to help me?

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Fixing broken IT in the company

What is broken IT in modern company As everyone knows, feels, reads, “the IT” is already a key for company’s growth. It should help in better service for clients, introducing new products or features, cooperating with other companies. But what if face “broken IT” in your organisation.

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Jak nauczyć się programowania?

How to learn programming?

How to become a programmer? How to learn programming? Of course, there are several ways to achieve this. Here they are:

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Is IT a "men's game"?

Is IT a “men’s game”?

As part of our cycle “Women in IT”, we invite you to read the conversation with an economist, researcher and lecturer Dr. Zofia Łapniewska. We have just started a series of posts about women in the IT industry. This sector is still dominated by men. Why are there so few women in professions related to technical sciences? It seems to me that above all stereotypes and prejudices operate here.Fewer women study STEM (although they achieve better results in maths as teenagers around the world, as tested by the University of Missouri researchers), yet, more and more decide to do so, thanks to campaigns such as “girls for universities of technology” consistently run for over 10 years.

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Product Owner

In a diverse team, everyone brings a different value

As part of our cycle “Women in IT”, a conversation with two great and dynamic Product Owners: Gosia Gulgowska-Kowalska and Olga Springer. We invite you to read:) Where did your interest in the IT industry come from? Olga Springer, Head of Product, SentiOne:

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Corporate social responsibility – benefits of CSR

Economic activity usually affects the environment and often also generates certain problems, such as environmental pollution or the use of natural resources by the company. As a result, many companies in the world have decided to incorporate strategic principles of corporate social responsibility into their programs, which may be an important element of their development.

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