How to assess the quality of the development team in 3 minutes?

You may have heard about Joel Spolsky’s “12 Steps for Better Software” (Spolsky, 2005, pp. 29-42). Joel Spolsky is a programmer, writer and author of the extremely popular programming blog Joel on Software. Spolsky developed a test evaluating the quality of the development team. As the author himself says, the test is “very imperfect”, but its biggest advantage is that it takes less than three minutes, and in saved time, according to Spolsky, you can safely finish the medical school.

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Programmers – myths and stereotypes

“A programmer is sitting in front of the computer. A wife approaches him and gives him coffee. He tries and says: – You know I drink with sugar … – I know … But I wanted to hear your voice … “ There are some stereotypes associated with each professional group, but a a lot of them associated with the IT industry. What are the most popular stereotypes of programmers and how much truth is in it ? 😉

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Inclusive language at work – practical tips

Language researchers agree that the way we say or write not only describes but also cteates reality. Stereotypes fixed by language often create the wrong harmful image of people and groups. That is why it is so important to pay attention to what and how we say. The goal of the language of equality or the so-called the inclusive language is to emphasize the presence in society of people and groups previously unnoticed or marginalized and the inclusion of their perspectives. The language norms created in this way reflect diversity within a given group and draw attention to minority groups. In short, it is a language showing respect for minorities and diversity.

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Zero Waste at work

Due to the changing climate and pollution of our planet, the issue of environmental protection and a conscious and sustainable lifestyle becomes more and more important to us. The idea of ​​Zero Waste is gaining increasing popularity.

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Kobiety w IT

Women in IT – Grażyna Musiatowicz-Podbiał

With this conversation, we open a series of posts – women in IT. We start with an outstanding IT manager with many years of experience in building and managing technological organizations in financial institutions (GE Money Bank, Meritum Bank, Alior Bank, Nest Bank) – dr Grażyna Musiatowicz-Podbiał.

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Agile in practice – Retrospective

Retrospective (Latin retrospectare – look back) – meeting crowning the sprint. The basic idea of the retrospective is to analyze the past, stop, to think about and correct the chosen path and improve it if necessary. The first step is to look into the past, and the next step is acquiring knowledge and drawing conclusions. However, the retrospective does not need to be used only to correct the path taken. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness of current successes, and thus may increase the motivation of the team. At the same time, the retrospective is part of risk management. Thanks to the analysis of the chosen route and possible corrections, the risk can be identified more quickly and managed better [1].

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Jak znaleźć pracę bez doświadczenia na rynku IT?

How to find a job without experience in the IT market?

A company employing a programmer without experience takes a risk of employing a person who is not able to program or program not very well. It is therefore understandable that companies are reserved to hire people without experience. Therefore, what you should do to get an interview at all is to prove that you can program. You must have clear evidence that you are an experienced programmer / programmer, despite lack of work experience. What can be such proof [1]? How to find a job in IT without experience?

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Mistakes in the office savoir-vivre that you optimize everyday.

The business etiquette is an internationally recognized set of principles and proper behaviors in professional and social life. These principles are used to create, maintain and normalize interpersonal relations in business situations [1]. However, it is not always in the business situation that we know how to behave. It happens that our behavior is contrary to the accepted office label.

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