My advice for software developers. How to survive?

COVID19 will influence not only logistics, touristic, entertainment industries. It will also have a huge impact on how the software will be build and delivered.

We are not sure how it will evolve, but at least, as of now we already can see the negative impact on the number of projects postponed and canceled, recruitment processes stopped, global lack of business hence money to invest.

Because of this and also based on my experience from the past, I’d like to share my advices to software engineers on .

Make savings

Very often, when the company was closing down, laying off, or simply struggling with cash flow, I’ve heard that even software geeks they don’t have money for their next rent. They are simply broken.

The average income for a developer in Poland is around 2000 € – 5500 € per month (12 € – 35 € / h, where the minimal wage is 4.5 €). I think it also applies to other countries. In that sense, if you are not able to make any savings, then who would be?

Optimize your financial expectations

Hove many times you were rejected in the recruitment process because your financial expectations were too high? How many times you missed possibly the best project, organization or opportunity to be part of something big, because of this?

My advice regarding setting up your expectations would be: spending (mortgage, food, bills, clothes, fun) + 30%.

And I’m aware that we are able to spend any money we have, but try to set up your minimum, which will make you safe and happy.

Don’t be afraid of a little bit of risk

Joining big company, may seem like a very safe option. Being on the employment contract, having all the governmental and company’s benefits is awesome. But projects may not be as disruptive, challenging and interesting as you would like to work on. And this companies, during the crisis, will optimize expenses and tighten the belt.

Where joining a small tram of enthusiast, working on a really cool initiative, may bring happiness, induce a new potential and make your daily work a journey.

Be brave !!!

Finally. The changes are over the corner. Be prepared, be optimistic, be realistic.

Marcin Kulawik CEO @ SolveQ Agile Software House

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