How to prevent panic mode of spreading #coronavirus?

The prevailing virus is confusing and increasing the fear of more and more people. We get lost in analyzes, we can’t keep up with messages, instead of bread we are only looking for disinfection instructions and where you won’t look at coronavirus. It’s difficult to escape from this topic, as well as in the office, and especially those who are struggling with anxiety disorders or are more susceptible to what is happening in public space.

What to do not to increase anxiety?

  • search for reliable information – life wisdoms like “and I have heard …” are not always truthful and are often fueled by fear
  • take care of yourself – your peace of mind also depends on your physical functioning, so take care of sleep, a full-fledged diet, for relaxation, fitness and avoid using stimulants
  • do not do everything at once – if important changes await you in your life, postpone them until you feel safe enough
  • if panic overtakes you, search for reality – think for a moment about where you are, what you see, what you feel, what you hear, focus on your body, try to settle in reality

We believe that this will pass and we have an impact in our well-being.

Do not forget about the smile that affects our immunity 🙂


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